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CyBe Construction expands to North America

CyBe Construction, a Dutch home 3D printing specialist, has opened a business in Florida and plans to build several residential projects in the United States. 

Berry Hendriks, founder and CEO of CyBe Construction, says, “We see excellent opportunities to expand our U.S. investments even further in the coming years and we are specifically focused on the country’s sustainable housing market. There, we see a strong demand for affordable (rental) housing, which seems to have only increased during Covid-19, heightened by the effects of climate changes.”

Knowledge and experience in 3D concrete printing

CyBe Construction Florida LLC will be led by Florida native James Light. James has been involved in 3D concrete printing for the past 6 years and successfully 3D printed the first permitted home in Florida in 2021 using a Cobod system. James has been a Certified Building Contractor in Florida since 2007 operating a small family construction company out of his hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. James brings industry knowledge and experience in integrating 3d printed structures into the mainstream construction processes. His passion for finding solutions for affordable housing coupled with a focus on innovative construction methods is in step with CyBe’s philosophy.

“Berry and his CyBe team have a holistic approach to what is a very fragmented construction industry. Their priorities are what are so appealing to me as a builder in the industry and why I believe CyBe will have long term success. I am thrilled to be a part of his team and ready to get to work!”, said James Light.

Global housing crisis

CyBe will build relationships with American companies to help solve the country’s housing issues. CyBe’s three pillars — technology, process innovation, and social prosperity — work in tandem towards creating a better society. This unique combination of principles defines CyBe’s position in the construction industry and will be brought to the American market.

CyBe is one of the world specialists in 3D concrete printing. 3D concrete printing allows companies to build faster in a more affordable and sustainable way, offering incredible value to the construction industry. CyBe’s 3D concrete printing solution addresses the global housing crisis through automation and a new approach to materials. Their proprietary printable mortar cures in just 3 minutes, which enables the printers to operate at maximum efficiency. The company provides the full package: hardware, software, materials, service, designs, and 10-day training at any location.

CyBe becomes an ASTM member

CyBe has joined ASTM, helping to contribute to a more sustainable and transparent industry.

ASTM’s 12,000+ standards are referenced globally and help to improve the lives of millions every day. They ensure that materials and processes perform safely and efficiently, and they enable consumer confidence.

Find out more about CyBe at cybe.eu.

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