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Cybot 330 PRO Multi-Material Delta 3D Printer

The Cybot 330 PRO Multi-Material 3D printer has just been announced by Cybot 3D, a subsidiary of an automation technology company with experience in digital manufacturing. 

The delta printer features a build volume of 330 x 330 x 330 mm and is therefore among the larger size professional desktop 3D printers, when compared with the CubePro, Ultimaker 2 Extended or Makerbot Z18 for example. Materials such as PLA, ABS, nylon, PC or FEEK can be printed with an accuracy of up to 50 microns at 400 mm/s. The Cybot 330 PRO is equipped with an all metal frame, a heated print bed with auto levelling, a touch control panel, an all metal hotend, moisture-proof filament storage, a 3D scanning module and can be upgraded for dual extrusion while also being compatible with external tool heads or E3D hotends.


Wifi connectivity allows for remote 3D printing from anywhere, using the built-in Gcode slicing feature combined with Materialise’s 3DPrintCloud tool.


Cybot has also plans to launch an upgrade option for Large Scale Batch Printing (LSBP), with the ability to print multiple objects simultaneously, along with Triple J Head Hotend Extrusions.

The price for the Cybot 330 PRO is set under $ 2,000 and includes free shipping to Canada, US, UK, Europe, Japan ans South Korea.

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