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Desktop Laser Sintering 3D Printer by Swiss Start Up SINTRATEC – Update

The Swiss tech startup Sintratec is about to launch an affordable desktop laser sintering 3D printer. The Sintratec 3D printer will be available on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo this November.

October 23, 2014: The team of three electrical engineers, who started this venture two years ago after being let down by the gap between desktop 3D printers and industrial 3D printers, invested a lot of time and energy to bring desktop 3D printing to the next level.

After months of hard work they now reveal the final crowdfunging model, the “Sintratec”. The 3D printer will be available as a ready to assemble kit on Indiegogo for only $ 3,999 in November.

The founders Joscha Zeltner, Dominik Solenicki and Christian von Burg also happily announced that they came out first in the Swiss UpStart Challenge 2014 alongside 250 competitors. This award came with a prize money of CHF 20,000 which enabled the company to put in more development time before launch.

Along with the reveal of the final production model their new website is now online. There you can find not only pictures of the printer but also more details about the used components and the printing software that comes along with the Sintratec.

Technical Specifications of the crowdfunding model:

  • Compact Size: 550x530x360mm
  • Build Volume: 130x130x130mm
  • Diode Laser: 2300mW, Blue Laser
  • Main Print Material: Nylon PA12 Powder
  • Heated Laser Sintering: Both with a heating coil and optical heaters

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February 9, 2016: Update – Sintratec Kit now available for purchase

Following the successful delivery to backers of their crowdfunding campaign, Sintratec now officially launches their SLS 3D printer kit to the market, available for € 4,999 through their website.

“Thanks to the feedback of our backers we heavily improved our software and assembly instructions (updates will be rolled out to our backers). The Kit also received some hardware improvements and is now more than ever the low-cost laser sintering solution.”

According to Sintratec, the kit can be set up according to the included step-by-step instruction within approximately four working days – even without technical knowledge. The printer should be installed in an environment where powder residues do not pose a problem, the team suggests. While the computer can be connected to the printer via USB port, the provided software will start the printing process. Sintratec also recommends to purchase a sandblaster for proper cleaning of the printed objects.

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