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Desktop Metal presents new 3D printing applications at RAPID + TCT

3D printer manufacturer Desktop Metal announced that the company will showcase new 3D printing applications for customers at RAPID + TCT in Los Angeles – including high-value applications in the aerospace, electronics, medical and consumer goods industries.

Over 1,350 Desktop Metal systems are installed worldwide. The systems are capable of processing more than 40 different materials. A particular highlight at the trade fair will be the advances in binder jetting of AL6061 powder. The printed parts achieve a performance that is on a par with traditional casting processes.

“We have always faced challenges when printing wrought alloy aluminum materials, such as 6061, using powder bed fusion technologies. However, the work done by Desktop Metal in advancing the printing of wrought alloys has expanded our material options, better aligning with our designers’ preferences,” said Eric Johnson, Ph.D., Senior Manager — Additive Manufacturing, at Eaton Research Labs. “Additionally, we’ve overcome the typical size limitations associated with binder jetting. This breakthrough opens up numerous applications for this technology within our business.”

Another highlight is the 3D printing of silicon carbide optical mirrors, which are now being produced by customers in the USA and Europe on the X25Pro and X160Pro models. These mirrors are used in telescopes and spacecraft. In France, highly specialized SiC components such as turbine blades and cutting tools are also printed on the InnoventX and then compacted using Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS).

Desktop Metal will also be exhibiting a complex copper lead frame used in semiconductor manufacturing. These parts were printed on a Production System P-1 as part of a project with Texas Instruments and the University of Texas at Dallas. Other parts on display include IN718 turbine blades printed on the Shop System and sintered in the new PureSinter furnace, as well as surgical tools and a complete set of golf clubs that incorporate special design features such as weight reduction and targeted stiffness areas.

Also worth mentioning is the presentation of fine jewelry printed in various metals such as platinum, gold and sterling silver. Platinum was recently qualified on the Production System P-1 by the Italian company Legor, a leader in metal science and alloy production. In total, over 24 customer applications will be showcased along with the new PureSinter furnace and various 3D printers, including the Studio System and several entry-level systems such as the Shop System, Production System P-1 and InnoventX.

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