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Developer’s Kit of Voxel8 Electronics 3D Printer is Now Shipping

Following the announcement of their Developer’s Kit 3D printer back in January 2015, Voxel8 is now shipping the electronics 3D printer available for prices starting at just under $ 9,000 for the standard model.

The Harvard spin-off Voxel8, founded by its current CEO Dr. Jennifer Lewis, has developed a 3D printer that allows for embedding electronics into 3D printed objects, extruding thermoplastic materials as well as highly conductive silver ink through two print heads. Components such as wires, batteries or conductors can be incorporated mid-way through the print by stopping and starting the process.

Voxel8 has also collaborated with Autodesk to create a powerful software package for their modular 3D printer platform. The Spark powered design tool Project Wire allows for the creation of 3D printable electronics by uploading a CAD model and using a drag&drop function to insert electronic components.

The first printer has already been shipped to Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP). Aside from the standard package, Voxel8 also offers the professional version including support, advanced toolpathing and additional materials ($ 11,999). The enterprise package at $ 16,999 includes priority support as well as on-premise local cloud software.

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