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Digital Sculpting Software Meshmolder Released Beta – Update: Version 4.0

Meshmolder is a free digital computer-based software for creating and editing digital sculptures. It has been developed by only one person and the version Beta 3.0 was released now.

April 27th 2016 – Karlay Souzay is a Brazilian software engineer that has over 10 years of experience in development. Since last year he has been developing a tool for modelling digital sculptures. At first the tool had the name “Meta 3D Modeller” but then the developer renamed it to “MeshMolder”. The software is free and can be downloaded through their website. The software requires at least a Windows XP computer and OpenGL Version 2.1.

With the software different objects can be created, for example human heads or heads of animals or monsters. The created objects can then be coloured or you may use them for 3D printing. You can create an object with the software, export it – import it into your 3D printing software and print it. That’s possible because of the export function of Meshmolder.

September 20th 2016 – Update: Beta version 4.0 is out

Karlay Souzay released the newest version of MeshMolder. The new version 4.0 corrects a lot of errors from the previous version, speeds up the processing time and brings features like the possibility to change the light source and “Ambient Occlussion”. Also the new beta brings new tools like “wax” and “Skech Spheres”.

You can download the beta version 4.0 of MeshMolder here.

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