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Disney Filed 3 Patents Relating to 3D Printing

Disney, one of the most successful media and entertainment companies in the world, filed 3 patents relating to 3D printing. All 3 patents have interesting ideas how to improve 3D printing – does Disney want to access this business?
All patents originate from the Disney enterprise team with the same four persons listed as inventors: Jeffrey Voris, Benjamin Foster Christen, Jorge Alted and David Crawford.

disney_insfrastructs The first patent describes a new method to identify printed parts with a special ID. It was not defined more exactly if this ID is created with the use of an RFID chip. But a picture allows the conclusion that only with some holes in the material an ID could be created. The ID itself would be readable with a special reading device and all printed objects would be recognisable.

The second patent shows a new printing technology similar to SLA. In contrast to SLA printing, there are two different lasers used. On the point where the laser beams meet, heat will be created, to harden the material (resin or something similar) very precisely at this point. This technology should improve the quality of the prints – at least the idea is that it will improve the quality.

Finally, the third and last patent: Until now, it was common that either the print head or the build plate move. Now, they want to create this – movement of the print head while the build plate moves. If you move the build plate in more directions (like it’s done in 4D / 5D milling) you can avoid the use of support material. So you can reduce the used material and the removing of the support material after printing.

Disney has been popular for printing prosthesis but now it seems that they want to come to the consumer market with their new patents. For example, it would be possible that action figures are personalised and 3D printed in amusement parks.

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