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DIY hydraulic system with 3D-printed SLA resin parts

A recent project by Indeterminate Design explores the possibilities of manufacturing hydraulic components using 3D printing. Although hydraulic systems are traditionally considered expensive and not very DIY-friendly, this experiment shows interesting approaches for the use of additive manufacturing techniques in this field.

At the heart of the project is an integrated structure that combines a gear pump, 4-way valve and pressure relief valve in a single component. This component was manufactured using SLA resin printing via a 3D printing service. The developer chose a gear pump due to its simple design and frequent use in miniaturized hydraulic systems.

The system includes a 3D-printed transparent reservoir as well as conventional parts such as MR63 ball bearings, a relief spring and pneumatic connections. A brass cylinder was used as the main body for the hydraulic cylinder, supplemented by 3D-printed end pieces and seals.

In initial tests, the unloaded gear pump showed a delivery rate of around 0.32 liters per minute. The test runs were first carried out with water and then with CHF11 hydraulic oil. A pressure of around 1.3 bar (19 PSI) was achieved, which the developer attributes to internal leaks and suboptimal seals.

The project illustrates both the possibilities and the limitations of 3D printing in hydraulics. While the technology enables the production of complex geometries, challenges such as tightness and pressure resistance remain. The developer sees potential for improvements, for example through the use of piston or vane pumps for higher pressures.

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