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Doolydoo Creates 3D Versions of Children’s Drawings

Doolydoo brings children’s imagination to life by creating 3D versions of their drawings using cutting edge 3D-printing technology. They have been delivering joy to families across Europe and Asia from their offices in Jena, Germany and Hong Kong, respectively. 

Their 3D-figurines and plaques are great to mark a child’s special achievement, to give to family and friends, or help kids express and develop their creative imagination.

The idea was born from a primary school teacher who wanted to know a simple way to create a figurine from a drawing. The three co-founders – Markus, Simon, and Johannes – realized they could create a colorful 3D figurine from the drawing using 3D-printing technology. Their first 3D-figurines brought so much joy to parents and children that they decided to expand this into a business.

Till now, parents mostly just hang all their child’s drawings on the fridge. Now you can convert the really special drawings into 3D works-of-art which can be kept as a unique family keepsake, given to friends or relatives as a personalized present or used as a beautiful and meaningful decoration for your office.


Co-founder Markus May’s explanation of the concept:

“Our figurines keep as much of the character and colors of the original drawing as possible. After uploading the drawing you can choose between two types, figurine or plaque, and 3 sizes. Almost all drawings will work. A figurine is based on the main subject of the drawing (e.g., an animal, person, or car). Pictures with more details are better suited for plaques where we print the entire drawing with individual elements protruding or recessing.”

Doolydoo makes creating 3D-figurines and plaques from kid’s creative drawings possible – a new and wonderful way to get a lovely personal memento of your kids.

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