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Draw in 3D – Intuitive 3D Drawing App for the iPad

Draw in 3d is an intuitive 3D drawing app for Appel’s iPad allowing the user to create 3D models by just dragging their finger across the screen.

It is targeted at unexperienced users rather than professionals and should be an exciting and new way to create, whether it is just for fun or to create objects for 3D printing. Developed by Steffan Poulsen in collaboration with Unity3D the application is supposed to be a fun alternative to more complex 3D modelling software out there.

Draw in 3d also supports a number of share an export options:

  • 3D-viewer url: The drawing can be uploaded to the cloud and shared by a link.
  • 3D printing: Drawings can be exported as .stl files and imported into 3D printing software.
  • Mesh Export: The app is fully compatible with almost all 3D applications. Files can be exported in .obj format for further editing and rendering.


The app can be purchased for $ 1.99 in Appel’s App Store.