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Dremel Releases App for Idea Builder 3D40

Dremel has released a new app for their 3D printer Idea Builder. The app should help to better use the 3D printer in classrooms.

Dremel is a long-established company and was one of the first big companies that have started selling a 3D printer. 2014 they started to sell their first 3D printer, the Idea Builder. Only a short time ago they announced a new version of their 3D Printer, the Idea Builder 3D40. The new 3D printer should be perfectly suited for the usage in classrooms. To ensure it can be used even without the use of a computer an app was developed for Android and iOS.

With the app students and teachers can monitor the 3D printer during the printing process. It is also possible to queue multiple print jobs and there is a big library with different models that can be printed.

By adding a new level of connectivity for students and makers, this first-of-its-kind app broadens the horizons of 3D printing in the classroom. We want educators and students to have multiple access points to 3D printing as classroom technology continues to evolve.

The new app should make the entrance to 3D printing easier for students and for their teachers. Dremel hopes that they can excite the students with the help of the app, they should learn which ideas and possibilities 3D printing opens up. And we all know: Children are our future and they often have more creativity than we can imagine. Therefore 3D printing seems like a perfect solution for them.


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