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DruckWege with New Photopolymeres

New materials are joining the product portfolio of DruckWege GmbH from Hennef (Sieg). With the Type D series for DLP and LCD/UV (or DUP for short) 3D printers, DruckWege has been offering UV resins for various devices since 2017. Now the development of the agile company has implemented new resins and brought them to market maturity.

Type D Castable Wax Resin

With Type D Castable Wax Resin reliable castings can be realized. The resin has been developed for DLP or LCD 3D printers and is characterised by particularly short exposure times and smooth surfaces. It burns almost without residue, which significantly improves reproducibility during casting.

A high wax content in the material contributes to a clean firing process. The resin is suitable for printing burn-out blanks of jewellery models, such as rings, ornamental elements or other jewellery products. Our Castable Wax Resin is therefore a real all-round material for investment casting.

The special feature of the resin is that the printed models can be burnt out in standard and fast heating curves.

Type D Flex Rev. 2

The Type D Flex has been developed with the aim of making particularly flexible models possible. Type D Flex has damping properties and has been developed as a resin for functional prototypes. In polymerized state the material is suitable for applications where TPU-like flexibility is required.

The material has particularly sharp contours and exhibits overall very low shear properties combined with high elongation. This allows the production of flexible objects that can be compressed or bent up to a certain intensity.

Type D Gingiva Rev. 2

DruckWege Resin Type D Gingiva is a urethane-based resin for printing gingival masks. It was designed for use in dental laboratories on standard 3D printers with DLP / UV light sources. The resin is characterized by a very flexible material consistency and a rubber-like and very soft surface feel.

Like all Type D resins, the Gingiva Resin is sensitized for 405 nm curing

About DruckWege

DruckWege GmbH is a 6-member company that focuses on the development and production of 3D printing resins. The resin spectrum ranges from standard resins for design, modelling and prototyping to functional resins such as high temperature resins or flexible photopolymers. Since 2019, in addition to the Type D series for DLP/LCD technologies, the Type S series has also been developed, which is used for laser-based 3D technologies (SLA (LINK)). DruckWege has bundled the development, production and qualification of the polymers in-house. DruckWege is a member of the industry associations Verband 3D-Druck e.V. and 3D Netzwerk.

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