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Duck gets 3D Printed Feet

Philip is a duck from Oshkosh in Wisconsin that has lost his legs during a tragical accident. A teacher saved his life by 3D printing new feet for the duck.

The duck was only an hour away from its vet appointment because a life without feet was not possible for the animal. But a teacher from the local school called the animal doctor and has informed him that he could print feet for the duck. Of cause that was only possible because the school got a new 3D printer shortly before.

The first printed feet did not fit very well and so the doctor and the teacher started developing better feet. Following six weeks of development, they found a good solution and printed it out of NinjaFlex filament. After a short time the duck could run on its new 3D printed feet.

This success story shows only one of the possibilities of 3D printing and has saved the life of an animal that had no future. An even better prosthesis for the feet of the duck is to be developed at the local college.