Home Applications & Case Studies DUS Architects 3D Print Facade of Europe Building in Amsterdam

DUS Architects 3D Print Facade of Europe Building in Amsterdam

DUS Architects, initiator of the canal house project in Amsterdam, has designed the 3D printed facade for the mobile “Europe Building”, marking the half-year EU presidency of the Netherlands as of January 2016. 

The eye-catching facade consists of unique EU-blue benches, 3D printed with bio-plastic in order to be fully recycled after the presidency is over. The building’s entrance resembles sails, refering to the historical sailing ships that used to be build in this area. The alcoves beneath those sails are build up from large to small and round to square and depict the variety and community of the EU countries.

The parametrically designed elements were printed using the KamerMaker large-scale 3D printer with a build volume of up to 2  x 2  x 3.5 meters. The seating surfaces were then filled with a light-coloured concrete. While the project is an initiative of DUS architects and partners, the actual production of the 3D printed elements was done by Actual, an Amsterdam-based start-up that develops online customising software for building elements linked to large-scale 3D printing.

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