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DyeMansion strengthens position as AM transformation engine at Formnext 2022

At Formnext, DyeMansion delivers on their announcements and launches a new Powerfuse S model to smooth 3Dprinted polypropylene. The Powerfuse S PP is the first ever green vapor polishing solution for highly industrial manufacturing and surface improvements beyond aesthetics to smooth 3Dprinted PP. The classic Powerfuse S model works with all common rigid and flexible materials on the market such as PA, TPU, ULTEM and more. The new Powerfuse S PP is dedicated for the processing of for polypropylene.

After seven years in business, developing workflow solutions for our customers, I’m thrilled to see that the factory of the future is becoming reality also thanks to our latest products. Together with our customers and partners we are building different factories for highvolume applications around the world. At Formnext, we show how everyone can implement our solutions in their own factory. Connectivity, automation, and reproducible quality are the prerequisites to successfully future up your factory”, says Felix Ewald, CEO & CoFounder of DyeMansion.

This new machine enables more application possibilities with the use of polypropylene in Additive Manufacturing industries such as automotive, medical & chemical tech, consumer goods & prototyping. The sustainable VaporFuse VF44 EcoFluid PP is 100% biobased and readily biodegradable as well as nontoxic: no PFAS, nonCMR, nonvPvM/PMT. Furthermore, AM users can enjoy unbeatable cost per part at full production capacity with the Powerfuse S PP due to the high degree of automation and closed loop circulation with integrated solvent recovery.

Polypropylene is one of the most widely produced plastic globally with advantages due to price, toughness and ductility, as well as chemical resistance. With their new Powerfuse S model, DyeMansion ensures that there is an endtoend solution for the industrial processing of polypropylene and positions themselves as the gotomarket partner for PP in AM a big step towards the transformation of AM.

DyeMansion’s solution has been validated together with all technology providers for PP already, including Stratasys, HP, BASF, EOS, ALM, Prodways, AM Polymers, Covestro and more. Experience the machine and samples from all different PP’s at booth D51 in hall 11.1 .

Introduction of DyeMansion 360° Digital Services

DyeMansion announces their first ever digital product family, the DyeMansion 360° Digital Services. This includes the DyeMansion Workflow Center, DyeMansion Data Connect and DyeMansion Remote Service. The DyeMansion team drives the connected production lines of tomorrow and once again proves itself as one of the leading transformation partners pushing a more digital way of manufacturing, which includes stateoftheart industrial IoT technology.

The DyeMansion Workflow Center is a cloud and browserbased web application. DyeMansion has selected Siemens MindSphere as a framework to create their product. It offers live monitoring, custom alerts and run history which is ready to use right away through plug and play. Customers can monitor and analyze their own workflow, allowing for a lot more productivity, automated traceability, increased uptime and flexibility.

DyeMansion Data Connect provides onsite machine and process data for MES/ERP systems, which means that no customer data leaves the premises. Customers benefit from simplified integration, a complete data set, high compatibility and flexibility.

The DyeMansion Remote Service enables maximum uptime through direct troubleshooting, more efficient collaboration through targeted support and reduced resources with a fast and efficient remote service.

The new DyeMansion 360° Digital Services can be experienced at Formnext including a live demo of the DyeMansion Workflow Center. FKM, alphacam and Siemens, as leading players in the international AM market, are DyeMansion’s pilot partners for this purpose. The Powerfuse S, the Powershot Performance and the DM60 will be available with IIoT capabilities starting from Q2 2023. Existing systems will have the ability to be easily retrofitted as well.

DyeMansion is joining the COAM software platform from Materialise to advance serial AM production as a postprocessing partner. The DyeMansion PrinttoProduct workflow can be seamlessly accessed on COAM with a standardized OPCUA interface. A first demo can be experienced on the Materialise booth 12.1, C139 at Formnext.

Partnership with Nexa3D

DyeMansion and Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast professional and industrial polymer 3Dprinters, announce a strategic partnership to automate endtoend Additive Manufacturing workflows from printing to finished parts. This partnership will leverage DyeMansion’s automated postprocessing hardware, the highthroughput capabilities of Nexa3D’s QLS 820 printer, as well as the printer’s Siemens PLC integration and powerful NexaX for QLS manufacturing software.

“Nexa3D is driving innovation to digitize the supply chain sustainably by making the world’s fastest polymer 3D printers affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes,” says Kevin McAlea, COO of Nexa3D. “It’s only natural that we would partner with DyeMansion, the leading provider of automated postprocessing solutions for powder bed fusion, to ensure that our industrial customers can leverage highthroughput manufacturing capabilities from endtoend as well as reduce their total cost of operation.”

This strategic partnership will help users access bestinclass automation capabilities to reduce manufacturing costs and deliver accessibility and transparency at every stage of the process so they can easily manage productivity and product quality.

Partnership with HP

Specific to the new HP Jet Fusion 5420W, HP is working closely with postprocessing tech company DyeMansion to offer connected postprocessing workflows for finishing and coloring white parts produced with the new HP solution. DyeMansion is providing a wide range of vibrant colors with high color consistency, and different finishes depending on application needs. At Formnext, the companies will showcase a variety of final parts to highlight the available surface finishing and coloring capabilities.

“As an experienced MJF part provider, we are excited on the new possibilities that can be achieved with white MJF parts enabled by HP 3D HR PA 12 W material. We see a huge potential, especially within the healthcare segment, to increase customer satisfaction with very good detail resolution and the new coloring and surface options, provided through systems from DyeMansion, that this new material brings to the market”, says Henrik Lundell, Senior Business Development of Prototal.

Further partnerships, material validations & updates

Since Formnext 2021, DyeMansion has gained 12 new Sales Partners and 9 new Production Partners. This brings the total number of partners up to 85. Considering this, DyeMansion’s global Partner Platform stays the most impactful AM network in  powderbed with the goal to enable the worldwide availability of highvalue enduse  applications. Here you can find all partners at a glance. Together with their new partners, DyeMansion is particularly excited to be advancing the industry in new regions such as Israel with 3Dreams and Mafil, Romania with Nutechnologies, Italy with Energy Group, UAE with Dynagraph and Japan with Yokoito.

Yokoito’s CEO and founder, Yutaro Nakajima, says: “Japan is historically a country that attaches great importance to product quality. Hence in Japan, the layer lines and unstable quality in postprocessing have hindered the widespread adoption of 3D printing technology for many years. DyeMansion has the core technology that solves these problems, and we believe that if the technology becomes widespread, PBF as a manufacturing technology will advance rapidly in Japan.”

It is also worth highlighting that Lubrizol validated the Powerfuse S (machine) vapor polishing solution for the market to smooth their semi rigid TPU materials. The finished and already proven ESTANE 3D M95A TPU, produced with HP Multi Jet Fusion is certified for skin sensitivity and can be dyed as well. The new ESTANE 3D M88A, also available for HP Multi Jet Fusion is a slightly softer material which is also compatible and evaluated with the DyeMansion PrinttoProduct workflow, such as depowdering, vapor polishing and coloring. Finished sample and customer parts can be experienced on the Lubrizol and DyeMansion booth.

Together with BASF, DyeMansion released a new whitepaper with the title Optimizing PostProcessing for Ultrasint TPU01 focusing on depowdering, vapor polishing and dyeing of Ultrasint TPU01, printed on HP Multi Jet Fusion. Finished lattice parts from BASF and other material suppliers as well as the whitepaper can be experienced at the DyeMansion booth.

Additionally, Stratasys announced that its new SAF PA12 powder will be provided by new materials partner ALM for the H350 3D printer. The powder has been validated with the PrinttoProduct workflow and can be used as a market ready solution for AM users. Parts can be experienced at both booths.

Find out more about DyeMansion at dyemansion.com.

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