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Dyndrite introduces an improved version of Dyndrite LPBF Pro

Software developer Dyndrite announced an updated version of Dyndrite LPBF Pro, the company’s 3D printing software for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) machines, including Aconity3D, EOS, Nikon SLM Solutions, Renishaw and Xact Metal.

Dyndrite LPBF Pro is a GPU-driven software toolkit that provides metal AM manufacturers with previously unattainable capabilities. These include the ability to print previously impossible parts, define accelerated builds and automate print preparation. The software is designed to improve the productivity, precision, traceability and repeatability of material development and serial production processes in additive manufacturing, while managing increasing data requirements.

“Over the past six months, we’ve collaborated closely with the members of our Early Adopter Program to ensure our toolkit addresses their most significant technical challenges and process control needs,” said Steve Walton, Head of Development for Dyndrite. “Their feedback has been invaluable, and is incorporated in this latest release. We are excited to see what our users will be able to accomplish with these new tools.”

A particular highlight of the new version is the extended support for Renishaw. Renishaw QuantAM users can now utilize Dyndrite LPBF Pro’s 3D volume segmentation tools to apply multiple parameters to a part. This method has enabled Renishaw users to successfully print parts with overhangs of up to 30 degrees without support.

“Dyndrite has shown an incredible level of commitment to our industry with the release of Dyndrite LPBF Pro product, said Kevin Brigden Application Engineering Manager, Renishaw Inc. “The leveraging of Renishaw’s QuantAM API ensures that our current and future customers have the opportunity to easily explore the incredibly powerful tool sets offered by Dyndrite. I’m extremely keen to see the novel solutions developed with volumetric segmentation and the increased performance gained with Dyndrite’s powerful tool path customization capabilities.”

At the Rapid + TCT 2024 conference in Los Angeles, several companies will showcase parts printed with Dyndrite LPBF Pro. These demonstrations will show the combined value of the materials and Dyndrite’s printing performance and flexibility. Among others, Equisphere will showcase aluminum parts with and without Dyndrite LPBF Pro to demonstrate the high productivity and surface quality.

The new version of Dyndrite LPBF Pro offers significant improvements for additive manufacturing and shows how advanced software solutions can increase efficiency and quality in production.

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