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Dyndrite Launches Early Adopter Program for LPBF Software

Software company Dyndrite is launching an Early Adopter Program for software to support the development of new materials for LPBF (selective laser melting) technology.

Developing new LPBF materials, and parts is one of the most expensive efforts in AM. To help scientists and engineers, Dyndrite introduced its first end-user product–Dyndrite Materials and Process Development for LPBF. This new software provides Aconity, EOS, SLM, Renishaw and other LPBF users a powerful tool to speed toolpath development of new materials, alloys, and multi-materials; control print speed and build rate; print difficult geometry; and execute support strategies based on your geometry.
“Dyndrite unlocked a new dimension of flexibility for our processes,” says Samuel Miller, Director, AM Software at an automotive manufacturer. “The additional control over our SLM machines enables us to achieve better material performance and cost productivity in a high-quality manufacturing environment.”
Be among the first to use this game-changing software; join the Dyndrite early adopter program.

Find out more about Dyndrite at dyndrite.com.

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