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DYZE Design Releases DyzeXtruder GT

Montreal-based Dyze Design specialises in manufacturing high performance parts for 3D printers, such as the DyzEND-X Hotend. Recently, the company added the new DyzeXtruder GT to their portfolio. 

3D printer owners will be able to achieve a better printing performance by upgrading their FDM printer with the extruder. The DyzeXtruder GT features metal reduction gears made from high strength hardened steel and brass. The 5.65 : 1 gear ratio allows for using the full potential of a small motor, creating high pushing forces. Additionally, the dual-pinch system provides a higher pushing force with less pressure on the filament.

The extruder’s light weight enables faster printer accelerations and its small size allows for printing larger parts due to space saving. It is easy to mount, with only two M3 screws needed to fit the extruder in a printer. The hotend can easily be swapped out thanks to the locking mechanism. A lockable lever makes filament change easy and convenient.

“Small, light and powerful. Our new extruder is the reference for high quality prints on FDM type printers,” explains Jean-Sébastien Carrier, President and CEO of Dyze Design. “Unlike our old model and compared with other standard extruders on the market, the DyzeXtruder GT offers extra features such as a dual pinch system that ensures the filament not to slide, 9 kg of pushing force and a auto-lock lever system that allows to easily change the filament.”

The DyzeXtruder GT is available for $ 152.99 in the company’s webshop or through selected resellers. According to Dyze Design the extruder has also been implemented by 3D printer manufacturers Sphereco, Dynamic Tools and 3DPO.

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