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e-NABLE 3D Prints 229 Hand Prosthetics for Children and Veterans – Update

The worldwide community of makers for hand prosthetics, called e-NABLE, gathered at a conference at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore to give 229 “Raptor Hands” to children and veterans in need of prosthetics.

01.10.2014: The latest project of the e-NABLE community is the so called Raptor Hand, an easy-to-print and assemble hand prosthetic that comes with a price tag of around $50. Traditional prosthetic hands cost between $30,000 and $50,000 and are not affordable for many families as insurance companies usually don’t cover these costs. Also taking in consideration that children will need to get a new one just after a few years because they have outgrown the old one, for many it is just not an option from a financial point of view. This is why the important work of e-NABLE has become more and more popular and the community around it is getting gradually stronger with supporters worldwide.

During the workshop a the conference the 3D printed parts where assembled, allowing parents and children to learn about the 3D printing technology and how to assemble the parts. The design of the Raptor Hand will be available for download soon.

03.10.2014: Update – Raptor Hand now available for download

The files for the design of e-NABLE’s Raptor Hand can now be downloaded on Thingiverse. In Addition you can find detailed instructions for printing as well as a video on how to assembly the parts on their website.



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