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easyJet to Use 3D Printed Replacement Parts for Aircrafts

The British low-cost airline easyJet has announced that it is currently trialling the use of 3D printing replacement parts such as arm rests and other cabin parts.

This could speed up the replacement process as well as reduce the storage space and cost for parts. Additionally, their next generation of LEAP engines will feature 3D printed parts including fuel nozzles, carbon filter fan blades and ceramic matrix composites.

easyJet has also recently successfully completed their test for automated drone inspections of its aircrafts. These drones could help reduce the out of service time for aircrafts.

Ian Davies, Head of Engineering at easyJet: “The use of these emerging technologies frees up our engineering and digital teams to enable them to undertake more skilled tasks, keeping our costs down which in turn keeps our fares low, helps minimise delays and ensures that we maintain our industry leading punctuality for our passengers.”

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