Home Industry EOS and AM Solutions combine expertise in 3D printing

EOS and AM Solutions combine expertise in 3D printing

The companies EOS and AM Solutions have agreed a partnership to further optimize 3D printing processes. According to a joint statement, the German companies are primarily looking to advance industrial series production with additive processes.

As a provider of industrial 3D printers, EOS is one of the leading players in the field of laser sintering. AM Solutions specializes in solutions for the automated post-processing of printed parts. According to the press release, both companies want to combine their respective expertise in order to optimize the entire process chain from printing to the end product.

The focus is therefore on scaling up the SLS process for large quantities. Automated post-processing should ensure greater efficiency here. According to EOS Manager Virginia Palacios, series production requires an end-to-end solution across all process steps. AM Solutions therefore complements EOS perfectly.

In addition to efficiency, the press release also mentions sustainability and occupational safety as important goals. According to AM Solutions, a lot can be achieved in both areas by reusing the powder and reducing manual processes.

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