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EOS at EuroMold 2014: Advanced portfolio of Polymer materials for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

EOS, the global technology and quality leader for high-end Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions, at this year’s EuroMold in Frankfurt launches the PA 1102 black material. At the same time, the company opens up new application fields for Additive Manufacturing based on the PA 1101 polymer material. 

PA 1102 black: mass-coloured, high impact resistance and resilience
PA 1102 black is a material made from renewable resources. It is a mass-coloured Polyamide 11 material for the manufacturing of deep black, highly resilient parts. Due to its colour, the parts made based on this material are resistant to dirt or discolouration even under most extreme conditions. PA 1102 black has a high flexibility, bendability and impact resistance so that the parts will not split even under excessive load conditions. The materials excellent mechanical properties make the material a perfect fit for serial parts, highly stressed functional models as well as design prototypes.

During material development EOS has closely cooperated with pilot customers. One of them is UK-based company 3T RPD, who, after a number of material tests, are highly satisfied: “The addition of PA 1102 black to our portfolio will be relevant for a wide range of customers and specifically those looking for a ‘true black’ without the inconsistency or bloom that has been a feature of parts produced with filled powders or surface coloured parts.  It will offer an alternative to those customers wanting serial production parts to be used in environments where enhanced mechanical properties are valued such as parts that are regularly handled or knocked” says Dr. Mark Beard, Head of R&D at 3T RPD Ltd.

Another US-based pilot customer praises the excellent serial capabilities of the PA 1102 black material: Mike Schuch, Head of Mechanical Engineering & Machine Shop at Accurate Technologies Inc. sums up the testing results as follows: “In 2014, Accurate Technologies Inc. joined with EOS to help develop and refine the PA 1102 black Nylon 11 material. This material is Accurate’s primary material and the basis for several ATI products, the first of which was the ’CANary Interface Module’. We’ve been very happy with the results. The PA 1102 black material gives us the ability to produce innovative products that are enclosed in equally innovative designs that are custom fitted to our products without compromising strength, durability and good looks. We look forward to releasing many more products in the future with this very effective combination.”

PA 1101: high impact resilience and chemical resistance, flexible, and eco-friendly
Since EOS introduced this material to the market in 2012, the natural-coloured PA 1101 has gained in importance among customers. A number of serial applications have been implemented based on this eco-friendly and excellent material. Established biocompatibility and food grade approvals carried out (e.g. cytotoxity according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5) and all have been successful based on part examination. Consequently, there is growing interest in the material from the medical and food industry.

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