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Eplus3D and Constellium add value to aluminum alloy

Eplus3D, manufacturer of Powder Bed Fusion Metal 3D printers, has developed high-quality printing process (L-PBF) for AheaddCP1 aluminium alloy commercialized by Constellium (NYSE: CSTM), a global sector specialist that develops innovative, added value to aluminium products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including aerospace, automotive and packaging.

Constellium designed the Aheadd CP1 solution specifically for the L-PBF additive manufacturing process. The excellent trade-off between strength and thermal conductivity of Aheadd CP1 enables new applications in various industries such as automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, spare parts, etc. The silicon-free chemistry (Al, Zr, Fe) of Aheadd CP1 facilitates high-quality anodization for printed components, making it an excellent choice for highly challenging applications in industries such as semiconductor equipment manufacturing. The unmatched productivity of the Aheadd CP1 makes it “the solution of choice” for applications that demand substantial cost reduction and scalability for series production.

Eplus3D’s Large-size and multi-laser metal 3d printers are expected to create new cost and quality benchmarks for aluminum printing. Eplus3D’s experts achieved impressive print quality of average density 99.93% with a robust process window. The high ductility of Aheadd CP1 in the as-built state will enable Eplus3D customers to produce large components with very minimal geometrical distortion. In addition to the supply of Large-size and multi-laser L-PBF metal 3D printers, Eplus3D also provides consulting, benchmark printing, application development, consulting services, and training for customers.

Both Constellium and Eplus3D believe that the development of high-performance aluminum alloy printing will enable users of printed aluminum components to develop new applications, push the boundaries of existing business models, and benefit from lowering production costs and increasing productivity to achieve a better ROI.

For more information about EPlus3D, please visit eplus3d.com.

Find out more about Constellium at constellium.com.

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