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Eplus3D and Hi-Tec Group cooperate in the field of metal 3D printing in Mexico

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Eplus3D announced a new partnership with Hi-Tec Group, a Mexican company with more than 30 years of experience in the machine tool industry. As part of this collaboration, Eplus3D’s Metal Powder Bed Fusion technology has been introduced to the Mexican market.

By integrating Eplus3D’s advanced technology and extensive expertise in metal additive manufacturing with Hi-Tec Group’s respected reputation and industry-defining insights, both organizations are able to fill gaps in the market. This partnership is designed to deliver significant value to customers and significantly impact the future of manufacturing.

Hi-Tec Group has a three-decade history of advancing sectors such as aerospace, energy, oil and gas, automotive, tooling, healthcare, consumer goods and precision manufacturing. The collaboration with Eplus3D marks an exciting new phase in metal 3D printing technology. In particular, Eplus3D’s MPBF (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology will be successfully introduced to the Mexican market.

This partnership should not only improve production capacities, but also strengthen the innovative spirit of the Mexican industry. Eplus3D’s advanced MPBF technology makes it possible to produce complex metal parts with high precision and quality, which is crucial in many industries.

“The 3D printing of Metal powders represents a transformative manufacturing technique. It offers a more straightforward and expedient method for the production of enhanced products and the fabrication of components in closer proximity to their intended use. It is the gateway to innovation in design, releasing the imagination and functionality of new parts and spare parts”, said Luciano Diorio, CEO of Hi-Tec Group.

For the 3D printing community in Mexico, this means access to cutting-edge metal 3D printing technology. Customers are invited to explore the possibilities and benefits of this technology, which is now accessible through Hi-Tec Group and Eplus3D. Together, both companies aim to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in additive manufacturing and continue the innovation journey.

This strategic alliance between Eplus3D and Hi-Tec Group underlines the potential of 3D printing to complement and extend traditional manufacturing methods. With a focus on advanced manufacturing techniques and the promotion of technological innovation, this partnership represents an important step for the further development of the industry.

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