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Equispheres joins the Additive Manufacturing Materials Consortium

Aluminum powder expert Equispheres joins founding members Dyndrite, Constellium, Elementum3D and Sandvik in the Materials Consortium.

The Materials Consortium (MC) consists of selected manufacturers of metal AM powders working together to create and publish open parameter datasets with test data and reproducible toolpath scripts for their materials. Members are focused on developing processes and toolpath projects to accelerate qualification. The consortium is actively working to expand the range of usable materials, increase productivity and accelerate the adoption of metal AM in production environments. The founding members are Dyndrite, Constellium, Elementum 3D and Sandvik.

“We are thrilled to join the Materials Consortium alongside our industry peers,” said Evan Butler-Jones, VP Product & Strategy at Equispheres. “We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and are dedicated to collaborating to provide the metal AM community with practical data that will advance the overall expertise in the processes and applications of our products.”

Equispheres manufactures powders designed for users who produce metal parts in high volumes. The company’s innovative atomization technology, which produces powders optimized for AM processes, enables manufacturers to increase print speeds up to nine times faster than the industry standard, reducing production costs by up to 80%. Equispheres’ aluminum powders improve the mechanical properties of printed parts while increasing the energy efficiency, reusability and safety of metal additive manufacturing.

“We’re excited to have Equispheres join our Materials Consortium,” said Harshil Goel, CEO of Dyndrite. “Their commitment to empowering the additive manufacturing community with cutting-edge products that promote AM as a reliable and cost-effective manufacturing technology aligns perfectly with our mission. We eagerly anticipate their contributions to our open knowledge base, enhancing the availability of reliable and accessible parameter sets for all manufacturers.”

In a recent demonstration, Equispheres and its partner Aconity3D used the advanced laser control capabilities of Dyndrite LPBF Pro to successfully print a representative valve part in 70% less time than the conventional process, with improved surface roughness compared to previous software controls. This combination of fast production speeds and high surface quality opens up new applications and opportunities for additive manufacturing users.

During the Rapid + TCT 2024 conference in Los Angeles, Equispheres will showcase aluminum parts printed with and without Dyndrite LPBF Pro. Dyndrite will also showcase Equispheres aluminum prints demonstrating the high productivity and advanced surface quality of Equispheres powders with Dyndrite LPBF Pro.

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