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Essent Biologics presents bone matrix for 3D bioprinting applications

Essent Biologics announced the availability of its Micronized Bone Matrix for 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering applications. Essent Biologics offers a mineralized allograft bone matrix derived from human ground cortical bone that contains natural proteins, such as collagen type I, and natural elements and minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus.

With the increased focus on additive manufacturing technologies to advance bone tissue engineering, the demand for biologically relevant scaffolds and bio-ink additives has grown at a steady pace. As an integral part of bone tissue engineering, scaffolds are 3D biocompatible structures which can mimic the ECM properties—including mechanical support and cellular stimulation through biochemical and mechanical interactions—and provide a template for cell attachment to stimulate bone tissue formation.

“Providing this human scaffolding material provides a ready-made, biologically relevant bioink additive for researchers in the 3D Printing world,” said Jeffrey Brown, Executive Vice President of Research & Development at Essent Biologics. “Essent’s MBM, along with our previously launched demineralized ground bone product, Spectral DBM, will support the work of those interested in human bone characterization as well as the burgeoning field of bone tissue engineering.”

Essent Biologics’ MBM is provided at a compatible size for extrusion 3D bioprinting, with a ≤300μm particle size, and is recovered and processed without the use of animal products.

Find out more about Essent Biologics at essentbiologics.org.

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