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Etron to Introduce ThingCapture iPad 3D Scanner

Etron Technology will introduce its ThingCapture system platform at the CES in Las Vegas this week. By combining their proprietary technologies of 3D image capturing and 3d printing, the company’s technology teams in Taiwan and the US have developed a convenient way for objects not only to be captured but also to be ready for 3D printing.

The ThingCapture system uses two cameras for 3D scanning and can provide a complete, full colour 3D image of real life objects in a natural light environment. There are no active light sources such as structure lighting or laser but if higher resolutions is required lasers or structure light can be added. The embedded algorithm delivers high performance 3D images in color and also with detailed textures while at the same time generating 3D models ready for 3D printing.

Etron sees a wide range of application for their technology, including personal digital collections, computer game avatars, body scanning, reverse engineering, virtual and augmented reality etc. ThingCapture uses high quality ICs, saving not only time but also expenses.

Compared to traditional 3D modeling, Etron’s special platform offers a shortened lead time, a simplified process, and reasonable prices, which will help 3D capturing and printing penetrate the consumer market more deeply.

Etron Technology will display ThingCapture at the Las Vegas CES taking place January 6th to 9th.

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