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Have You Ever Tasted The Smell Of A 3D Print And Wished It Would Be More Like Strawberries?

As a April Fool´s prank Formlabs introduced Scratch-N-Sniff Resin which smells good when you rub it – Formlabs users took the principle to a test.

Craig and Materials Engineer Rachel Davis developed a mixture to colour your resins and give them a delicious smell. You just need 200ml Clear Resin, 0,2g epoxy dye and 5ml fragrance oil.

Craig Davis:

“I saw the Scratch-N-Sniff prank on April 1st, and I was like, ‘That’s not real — that’s just spray paint. I can make a real version myself.”


You can find the instructions for making wonderful smelling and colourful 3D prints with your Formlabs 3D printer here. But be aware that you void the warranty on your resin tank by using altered resins.

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