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ExxonMobil orders “world’s largest” 3D printed pressure vessel from AML3D

AML3D (ASX:AL3), a global provider of large-scale metal additive manufacturing technology and solutions, announced it has signed a $190,000 manufacturing purchase order on standard commercial terms with ExxonMobil Asia Pacific to create the world’s largest 3D metal printed pressure component. AML3D will use its proprietary WAM technology to 3D metal print the 8-tonne vessel for ExxonMobil’s refinery operations.

AML3D was selected by ExxonMobil based on the advantages of AML3D’s proven 3D metal printing WAM technology. The sustainability of the process over traditional manufacturing and the Company’s ability to print commercial large-scale certifiable parts for use were key considerations in securing this contract. WAM production has significantly faster lead times to manufacture of around 12 weeks as opposed to a 12-month lead time for traditional manufacturing, allowing AML3D to address supply chain constraints that ExxonMobil was experiencing and to meet a September 2022 delivery deadline.

AML3D will use a high-strength wire feedstock of > 450 MPa yield strength to print the large pressure vessel. Testing will include hydrostatic pressure tests, full x-ray testing and visual inspection by 3rd party. The large printed vessel will be produced at the AML3D facility based in Adelaide, with five of the eight installed ARCEMY systems combined to construct the 8-tonne vessel. Capacity utilisation of the printing facility during this time will be up toward 75%.

The vessel manufacturing and testing will be verified for compliance to ASME VIII and will fall under AML3D’s Lloyd’s Register facility accreditation and certification processes and also follow the new global API 20S Standard for “Additively Manufactured Metallic Components for Oil & Gas components”.

AML3D recently printed what is currently the world’s largest 3D metal printed Oil & Gas high-pressure piping vessel, a 940kg monocoque “piping spool” component. This piping spool was printed according to the new, stringent American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard 20S, has met all test acceptance criteria and has been verified by Lloyd’s Register. The new pressure vessel for ExxonMobil will undergo non-destructive strength testing and hydrostatic pressure testing to demonstrate compliance with global standards including the American Petroleum Institute (API), The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Welding Society (AWS).

AML3D Managing Director Mr Andrew Sales said: “Signing this deal with ExxonMobil is a further demonstration of delivery against our multi-phase growth strategy. We have a major focus on building our capability and presence in the global Oil and Gas sector as an immediate value driver for the business and this contract absolutely aligns with that objective.”

“It is also pleasing to note that during discussions with ExxonMobil the advantages of AML3D’s technology over traditional manufacturing were a key consideration. Our proven WAM® technology disrupts traditional industrial-scale metal manufacturing by producing superior components with a significantly shorter production cycle and a far more sustainable methodology involving less waste and lower energy input. Our understanding is, due to supply chain constraints, some traditional manufacturers were estimating a delivery date in excess of 12 months. AML3D will deliver a superior component in less than half that time.”

For more information about AML3D, visit aml3d.com.

For more information about ExxonMobil, visit corporate.exxonmobil.com.

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