Home Applications & Case Studies Farsoon 3D printing enables faster manufacturing of rocket engines

Farsoon 3D printing enables faster manufacturing of rocket engines

Chinese aerospace company Deep Blue Aerospace relies on Farsoon systems to 3D print key components for rocket engines. The FS621M large-format printer was used to produce a one-piece combustion chamber for the first time in 2022.

According to Farsoon, the Inconel component measured 780 mm in height and 550 mm in diameter. Thanks to 3D printing, engineers realized a compact design with complex internal cooling fins that increased combustion efficiency.

Originally, the combustion chamber took 327 hours to print. In the joint “Olympic” project, Farsoon and Deep Blue Aerospace optimized the process through special hardware upgrades and parameters. As a result, the printing time dropped to just 96.5 hours – a 338 percent increase in efficiency.

3D printing thus enables Deep Blue Aerospace to manufacture these key rocket components much faster. Farsoon says the project underscores the potential of 3D printing for the aerospace industry in the production of large-format metal parts.

More information about the project can also be found directly at Farsoon.

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