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Farsoon, BASF and Hyperganic offer integrated solution for lattice structures

Farsoon Technologies, BASF Forward AM and Hyperganic have announced a partnership to offer additive manufacturing users an integrated solution for the creation of lattice structures in various industries.

Together, the partners aim to enable users to correctly design high-performance lattice structures in a first step. The core element is the Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine from Hyperganic and BASF. Farsoon is contributing extensive tests. In tests with the material Ultrasint TPU 88A, validated lattice structures could be generated on Farsoon hardware.

According to the partners, this makes it possible to create gratings without expensive special tools. Users could develop their own grating applications based on pre-configured validated gratings and print settings. Farsoon’s open hardware integrates different materials and software in order to quickly transfer such innovations into industrial applications.

The aim of the cooperation is to offer integrated and accessible solutions for additive manufacturing and to drive innovation. The partnership demonstrates how the combination of software, material and hardware expertise can simplify high-performance lattice structures in 3D printing.

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