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Farsoon expands production capacity with new Advanced Material Factory

Farsoon announced the completion of the first phase of Farsoon’s Advanced Material Factory project after 20 months’ intensive construction. The new factory started its very first production run of Farsoon plastic powderbed fusion material in the beginning of Jan 2023. As a dedicated site for increased polymer material production, Farsoon’s Advanced Material Manufacturing Facility includes a total area of 14.8 acres.

The first phase of the project is featuring 13,000 square meters of  factory space, with an annual production capacity up to 500 tons of additive manufacturing materials.

This new manufacturing facility also includes an advanced material laboratory, and is the  home to Farsoon’s experienced Material R&D team. The facility will perform the integrated function from material development, testing, manufacturing to application. With best industry knowhow in powderbed fusion material, Farsoon will continue to innovate alongside our customers to develop diverse materials tailored for industry; and produce the parts that can meet the highest manufacturing quality standards.

Currently, Farsoon offers a series of PA12 and PA6 based reinforced powder available for additive manufacturing process. With established branch companies and distribution sales channels network, our highperformance materials have reached out to customers in 30+ countries and regions around the globe.
“We are also glad to share that, with the strong growth of sales orders, Farsoon is well on the way to expansionof its machine production capacity.” Says Hope Hou, General Manager of Farsoon, “Since September 2022, Farsoon has doubled its machine manufacturing facility space with streamlined production layout and improved efficiency, in order to offer high quality machine and material solutions to our global customer.”

With the expansion of material and machine production capacity, Farsoon is conf ident to engage with industry customers and partners keep pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing. Inquires are welcome to contact Farsoon at globalinfo@farsoon.com.

Find out more about Farsoon at farsoon.com.

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