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Farsoon introduces large-scale multilaser system for metal additive manufacturing

Farsoon announced 3 new metal additive laser powderbed fusion systems: the FS621M Pro-4, FS621M Pro-6, and the FS621M-U-4 to the AMEA and U.S. market for pilot customer application. The latest development of multi-laser, large-format metal platforms are targeted for high-speed production of high quality large-scale additive manufacturing. Farsoon will live-showcase the latest technology of the FS621M Pro-4 at TCT Asia 2022 in Shenzhen, China.

In addition to Farsoon’s established 3D printer portfolio featuring a wide range of build volumes and production capabilities, Farsoon has focused on maximizing productivity with multi-laser technologies on large-format metal platforms. These new systems engage huge potential in aerospace applications by lowering operational cost and enabling true industrial-scale series manufacturing.

FS621M Pro Platform and FS621M-U-4:

Announced in July 2020, the large-frame FS621M (build volume of 620 x 620 mm² with height 1100mm) metal system offers unparalleled production edge for large-scale applications that favors higher Z axis. As of today, the installation base of the FS621M system has reached over 50 units amongst aerospace and manufacturing customers. Taking the feedback from the broad industrial user base and application requirements from aerospace, oil & gas sectors, and energy sectors, Farsoon further developed the FS621M Pro and FS621M-U-4 platforms for even higher build volume fabrication and batch production capabilities with materials such as titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, nickel-based superalloys, stainless steels and maraging steels.

The FS621M Pro Platform features a build volume of 620 × 808 × 1200mm with 30% extension in Y direction compared to the standard FS621M; it can be equipped with 4 or 6 x 500-watt lasers boosting productivity for series manufacturing.

With a build platform size of 620×620mm and vertical axis of 1.7 meter (a 54% increase in Z height compared to the standard FS621M), the FS621M-U-4 features a significant build volume of 653 Liters – one of the largest in the metal laser sintering market. The outstanding Z height as well as 4 x 500-watt fiber lasers enables many new possibilities in large-scale industrial applications.

The advanced multi-laser scanning strategy enables high calibration accuracy in overlapping area, ensuring uniform mechanical properties and surface finish of the parts throughout the build platform. In addition, powerful build process control, real-time recording & monitoring capabilities ensure optimal build quality.

To further enhance productivity and quality, the FS621M Pro Platform and FS621M-U-4 can be equipped with a permanent filter module allowing long-term operation for extremely large builds. The powder handling processes of the two 621M systems share a common powder container design, offering continuous feeding of powder to the build and the ability to easily exchange and monitor powder quality.

Meanwhile, with observation of the increasing demand for industrialized manufacturing of large-sized parts in a shorter lead time, Farsoon is also planning on further development of FS621M Pro-8 (eight-laser configuration) and FS621M-U-6 (six-laser configuration) for even higher productivity.

With many technology innovations in multi-laser and large-format machines, Farsoon strives to achieve true industrial-scale metal additive manufacturing with faster production rates, and best in class cost-performance. The FS621M Pro-4 (a 4 x 500-watt laser system) will be showcased and running live at TCT Asia 2022 in Shenzhen World, China at Hall 7, Booth H19, with new dates to be announced.

Inquires or customers interested in our technology are welcome to contact globalinfo@farsoon.com for more details!

Find out more about Farsoon at farsoon.com.

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