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Farsoon presents new high-performance carbon fiber-reinforced PA6 material FS6130CF-F

Chinese 3D printing specialist Farsoon has introduced a high-performance carbon fiber-reinforced PA6 material called FS6130CF-F.

FS6130CF-F is specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for PA6 materials in the industrial additive manufacturing market. It is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, especially due to the orientation of the carbon fibres. The tensile strength of the material is remarkable: it reaches over 110 MPa in the X direction, over 80 MPa in the Y direction and over 60 MPa in the Z direction, making it one of the strongest and stiffest materials compared to other technologies.

The parts printed with FS6130CF-F show performance comparable to injection molded PA6 fiber composites at high temperatures. It offers a heat deflection temperature (HDT-1.8MPa) of 210°C and good dimensional stability without deformation or breakage during stability testing. This makes it ideal for end-use applications in harsh environments.

Thanks to its advanced composition, the FS6130CF-F material has a low refresh ratio. The proportion of new powder added during the printing process can be as low as 20%, significantly reducing material waste and costs and enabling a truly sustainable manufacturing process. During the recycling test, the material demonstrated ease of processing and enabled stable production of high quality, repeatable parts.

The FS6130CF-F offers optimal performance for end-use applications that require high strength and low weight. In the New Energy Vehicle (NEV) sector, for example, it can be used for customized metal replacement parts. It provides the required tensile strength while reducing the weight of the structure, helping to improve the speed, performance and energy efficiency of NEVs.

The material was developed for Farsoon’s Flight fiber laser PBF technology and is fully compatible with the Flight HT403P-2 (dual laser) and Flight HT/ST252P platforms. Thanks to the higher laser power and scanning speed of the fiber laser compared to the traditional CO2 laser, the FS6130CF-F machine-material solutions offer highly efficient additive manufacturing solutions for industrial series production. Like all Farsoon systems, the Flight machines are open platforms, offering users the ability to run PA6 with validated parameters or explore customized material processing if required.

Farsoon Technologies has established itself as a technology innovator, continuously pushing the boundaries of production scalability and material versatility in plastic laser powder bed fusion technology. The FS6130CF-F material is now available for commercial orders in the US and European markets.

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