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Faster coffee thanks to 3D printing: YouTuber optimizes espresso pot

YouTuber and maker SunShine took on the challenge of optimizing the traditional espresso pot using a 3D printer. His goal was to speed up the brewing process without compromising on coffee quality.

SunShine used a metal 3D printer from AlphaLaser to create his prototypes. This allowed him to turn his designs for the optimized espresso pot into reality. However, the printing process, which sometimes took several days, also resulted in leaks from some of the prototypes, necessitating further adjustments.

One challenge in particular, according to SunShine, was developing an optimal gas nozzle for the espresso pot. After much testing, he decided on a 0.4 mm nozzle. The flame distribution also had to be made even using a special gas system.

Also important to the YouTuber was compatibility with commercially available espresso pots to get the right amount of coffee. In the end, he presented two 3D-printed prototypes, one of which shortened the brewing process to just 50 seconds.

Despite the challenges of 3D printing, SunShine is pleased with the results. He also made the 3D models of his design, called “Overengineered Moka Pots,” available on the Thingiverse and Printables portals. However, the prerequisite for 3D printing is a metal 3D printer.

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