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Fastest metal 3D printer: SPEE3D presents new high-speed phaser nozzle

SPEE3D announced the launch of the Phaser nozzle at the CSAT (Cold Spray Action Team) 2022 Conference in Worchester, Massachusetts – a new ultra-high energy nozzle designed to work with a wider range of hard phase materials, and with a significant increase in deposition velocity.

The new Phaser nozzle uses compressed air or nitrogen to deposit material four times faster than the speed of sound at a much higher energy. This process achieves high particle velocity to enable more deformation of particles during the deposition process. As a result, harder materials can be made including stainless steel, titanium, high strength aluminium and nickel based carbides. These materials are in addition to the existing various copper, aluminium bronze and aluminium materials.

“The SPEE3D PHASER nozzle is revolutionary because anyone can print what’s considered ‘hardier’ materials, and without having to rely on helium to cold spray these materials like other nozzles,” said CTO Steven Camilleri. “With supply chain issues continuing to delay parts for industries such as space, defense, auto racing and maritime, the Phaser nozzle can create these parts in just minutes to withstand severe conditions, high stress, immense shock loads and abrasive environments.”

SPEE3D’s cold spray metal 3D printers are the fastest, most robust, deployable additive solution to manufacture full-density, solid metal parts in just minutes. Their cold spray process is high-speed, consistent, and able to produce high quality applications every time. The technology is used world-wide and proven reliable by customers including the Australian Army, EWI, Penn State Applied Research Laboratory, and other global organizations that require fabricating parts in harsh expeditionary field environments.

With the Australian Army, SPEE3D has tested and validated metal 3D printing as a military capability with the latest field trial being the longest and toughest to date taking place in remote Northern Territory, alongside exercise Koolendong.

For more information about SPEE3D, visit www.spee3d.com.

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