Home Service Provider Fictiv – Manufacturing Platform for 3D Printed and CNC-Machined Prototypes

Fictiv – Manufacturing Platform for 3D Printed and CNC-Machined Prototypes

The manufacturing platform Fictiv gives small businesses and enterprises fast and easy access to prototyping technology in order to speed up the development process of hardware.

The network of CNC machines and 3D printers allows businesses to get prototypes manufactured within just days instead of weeks and therefor significantly reduces hardware development cycles. Customers can set their focus on design and engineering challenges, while Fictiv streamlines the product development process. By reducing the time to market, also smaller companies can compete with big players.

Dave Evans, co-founder of Fictiv said: “We founded Fictiv with the vision to build a more efficient manufacturing ecosystem. Fictiv is designed to empower engineers and designers with the tools and expertise needed to produce better hardware products, in significantly less time.”


After customers upload their 3D design files on the platform, the system automatically identifies available machine capacity and sends the order to prior approved fabricators in their network. This way fabricators can not only to fill their excess capacity but also shifts production towards the local manufacturing economy. Fictiv provides 3D printed prototypes delivered in 24 hours, and CNC machined parts in 3 days.

“The US was once the center of manufacturing in the world,” said Nate Evans, co-founder, Fictiv. “Today the country is still filled with some of the best manufacturing minds and expertise globally. However, many of these shops have been left behind without the needed technology and tools to compete against larger, centralized manufacturers. Fictiv is building a technology infrastructure to allow engineers and designers better access these experts, while catalyzing local economies to spur growth.”