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Fillamentum – High Quality 3D Printing Materials in a Variety of Colours

The Czech company has many years of experience in the plastics industry and especially with 3D printing technologies. Fillamentum has specialised in manufacturing high quality filament for FDM printers.

Their product line includes PLA, ABS and PVA materials in a variety of RAL colours, as well as Timberfill, a biodegradable material based on wood. It has similar mechanical features as ABS or PLA and objects printed using Timberfill have a genuine appearance of wood.

Fillamentum further offers elastic material, soft PLA and PVA support printing filament which dissolves in water. Their HIPS Support filament is made of a polymer which has similar properties to ABS and can be used for support structures that will dissolve in Lemonesol without any effect on the quality of the ABS print.

Fillamentum’s printing material is available via distributors and in their online shop.


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