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Firestorm Labs and Greenjets partner to develop next-generation attritable drone solutions

Firestorm Labs, the developer of the first completely Modular Unmanned Aerial System (MUAS) to deliver affordable mass to the modern battlefield, is partnering with electric propulsion specialist Greenjets to develop the first of its kind 100% additively manufactured UAV airframe and engine solution.

Bringing best-in-class engineering capabilities from the commercial advanced manufacturing space, Firestorm’s proprietary 3D printed interconnecting and interchangeable airframe component technology allows users to modify the vehicle to perform a wide array of mission sets from the same platform; all cemented by an AI/ML-enabled flight computer.

Greenjets’ core technology, the IPM propulsion architecture, is the most advanced ducted fan technology of its class enabling quieter, longer and faster missions for its customers. Additionally, its proprietary 3D printing/additive based manufacturing approach helps modify its offering at unmatched pace to different aircraft, missions, and requirements.

Firestorm and Greenjets will work together to integrate their technologies into Firestorm’s MUAS platform, enabling next-generation mass production and propulsion systems in an affordable and mission-adaptable manner. The goal is to produce 100% of the entire UAV body and engine with an additive manufacturing approach that enables multiple payloads, deliver this capability at the edge when required and ensure mission success in the most challenging environments.

Dan Magy, Co-Founder of Firestorm believes, ‘the need for rapidly producing low cost systems is growing by the week. Traditional manufacturing approaches cannot scale to meet the growing demand for UAVs and as we see in Ukraine, conflict is now decided by who can build the most platforms the fastest. We believe a Firestorm-Greenjets solution gives the US DOD and its allies a unique technology solution to win the next fight.’

Anmol Manohar, Co-Founder of Greenjets remarked ‘Our combined vision for fast-paced additively manufactured UAS airframes and engines is truly transformational and we look forward to jointly bringing this solution to the market in the next few months.’

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