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Flexion Extruder: The perfect extruder for flexible filament

A lot of beginners in 3D printing have already experimented with flexible materials and most of them may have serious issues to create nice objects with flexible filament. But with the Flexion Extruder this issues should make you no more headache and some tests have already shown that the Flexion Extruder is perfect for flexible filament.

Common extruders that are inside nearly every cheap desktop 3D printer have usually no guides for the filaments but the Flexion has perfectly sized and fitting guides. So on the Flexion extruder the filament has no chance to clog. It’s also possible to choose the tension of the driving gear in 4 steps and the distance between the driving gear and the ball bearing on the other side remains the same. It’s also common that the plastic builds up on the driving gear until it full with plastic and has no fraction to move the filament to the hot end. The Flexion Extruder has also a solution for this problem: a metal cleaning brush removes all rests of filament that stick on the driving gear.

All of these differences together make the Flexion Extruder such a good product that will help you to get good printing quality even with flexible filament or other hard to print materials. There  is also very positive feedback from buyers:

 This is the most precise, effective, and absolutely gorgeous upgrade I have done to a printer so far


It was printing almost straightaway, which is awesome … If you’re serious about taking your 3D printer to the next level, the Flexion Extruder is a no-brainer

Maker’s Muse has reviewed the Flexion Extruder and they are also very excited about it:

If you want to buy a Flexion extruder it will not be very cheap for 149$ you get the simple extrude with heating element and without stepper drives. For 249$ you will get the double extruder with two hot ends and heating element. If you are interested you can look at the company’s website to find more information about the Flexion extruder.

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