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Floreon’s Bio-Filament is 4x Stronger than PLA

The UK-based bioplastics company Floreon has developed a 3D printing filament that is said to be four times tougher than conventional PLA.

Floreon 3D filament is a compound of a novel polyester-based polymer blend and standard PLA. It features a stiffness of 1.9 GPa, a tolerance of 0.05 mm, is REACH and RoHS compliant and can be safely used for food packaging.

“Floreon3D addresses the need for a sustainable 3D printing filament that matches the performance of conventional filaments – but without the unpleasant smell during processing.  It is tough, flexible, and gives an excellent matt finish, which improves the appearance and durability of finished items and keeps the printer nozzles clean.”

floreon_pla_filament_3d_druckKey features:

  • Consistent filament diameter
  • Fewer breakages than PLA
  • No nozzle clogging – less machine downtime and less waste
  • Low smell during processing
  • Tough, flexible and strong
  • Excellent matt finish
  • 6 colours, which stay as vibrant as on the spool
  • Biodegradable

Floreon has also partnered with several 3D printing companies as well as educational institutions to test their material. Startup Nfire Labs will even include Floreon filament when shipping their printers:

The 1.75 mm diameter filament is available in six different colours  (red, blue, green, yellow, white and black) and can be ordered through Amazon.

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