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Fonon Corporation combines 3D printing with AI

Fonon Corporation, a developer of laser material processing systems, presents the advantages of its Bulk-To-Shape (BTS) technology in combination with artificial intelligence (AI). This combination opens up new possibilities in the field of additive manufacturing to optimize processes and maximize material efficiency.

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing or digital manufacturing, is rapidly expanding in various industries due to its numerous benefits. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, which often use molds or subtractive techniques and result in excess material waste, AM technology enables the creation of complex designs with minimal material loss.

AI is increasingly becoming an integral part of industrial workflows and could significantly advance metal 3D printing. Industry experts currently see AI as a “co-pilot” tool that improves processes rather than controlling them entirely. AI analysis allows BTS system users to redesign or adjust processes before manufacturing to avoid potential errors and refine the end result. This significantly reduces the cost and time required for process optimization.

Another advantage of AI lies in its language processing capabilities. By integrating generative AI into system controls, the reliance on specialized knowledge and training for operations can be significantly reduced. In addition, AI-powered support systems can provide real-time preventative guidance to operators, reducing the error rate.

Decision makers in private companies and government institutions are exploring the benefits of metal 3D printing in various challenging environments. Additive manufacturing promises significant benefits, including customizable production, optimal use of materials, efficient inventory management, time savings and the production of lighter yet more robust components. Combined with AI, additive manufacturing can accelerate productivity in new ways and usher in a new era of automated production.

Fonon is using its advanced technology to seize a unique opportunity in a market with limited competition. The company is developing a system powered by BTS technology to provide various industries with a new method of material management. This involves recycling either obsolete parts or raw materials into fully functional components.

With this combination of 3D printing and AI, Fonon is setting new standards in manufacturing technology and offering innovative solutions for the challenges of modern industry.

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