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Food Ink – The First Pop-Up Restaurant For 3D Printed Food Starts World Tour

On July 25th the first the first 3D printed and 3D printing pop-up restaurant opens its doors in London to kick of an extensive world tour.

Food Ink is the first fully 3D printed restaurant which travels around the world to bring the joy of 3D printed food to the people. Certainly the restaurant is not fully 3D printed. But the organisers took a lot of effort to 3D print as much as possible. The chairs and even the flatware are 3D printed. And the food of course! For the food 3D printing Food Ink uses the Focus 3D printer from by flow.

The Food Ink world tour kicks of in London but brings the 3D printed experience to places like Berlin, Tel Aviv, Reykjavik, Barcelona, Paris, Rom, Amsterdam, Seoul, Dubai, Cape Town, Sydney and even to Tokyo, Sao Paolo, New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, Los Angeles.

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