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FormFutura Releases EasyCork Filament for 3D Printing

Netherlands-based 3D printing material developer FormFutura has added yet another exotic material to their portfolio, releasing EasyCork.

EasyCork is a lightweight, cork-filled filament based on the company’s EasyFil PLA compound, with binding agents and modifiers added. The infill of cork fibres accounts for approximatley 30%, with 1 kilogram of EasyCork containing 300 g of fibres.

The new filament allows for 3D printing objects with cork-like aesthetics and properties such as impact resistance and light weight. Available in natural dark and light cork, it gives the printed object a realistic appearance with very subtle natural linings or shades. These can even be reinforced by adjusting the extrusion temperature variations during the printing process.


According to FormFutura, the material has an excellent flowing behaviour, thus enabling users to print at high speeds and warp-free.

EasyCork is available through FormFutura’s website in both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameters. The 500 g spools come with a price tag of € 32.95, but you can also get a sample of the light and dark filament for € 3.99.