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Formnext 2019: Welcome ROBOZE Argo 350

ROBOZE, international player that designs and produces the most precise 3D printers in the world for industrial applications, is getting ready to amaze Formnext 2019’s visitors with its new 3D printing solutions that will revolutionise the Additive Manufacturing world.

A constant investment in the materials engineering field and in the development of new technologies allowed ROBOZE to introduce in the market, since the beginning of its activity, a wide range of 3D printing solutions, capable to offer real advantages in terms of precision, performance, flexibility and personalization for those companies working in extreme sectors like Aerospace, Motorsport and Oil&Gas.

Product innovations from ROBOZE over the last few years have included our Beltless System, which removes belts from FFF 3D printing – and the HVP extruder – mechanical gem able to print successfully high viscosity super polymers like PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ULTEM™ AM9085F. Today ROBOZE aims to become leader for the production of finished parts with composite materials and high temperature super polymers thanks to a continuous product innovation, result of the R&D team’s hard work.

Additive Manufacturing has a key role in the forth Industrial Revolution, that will drive us to the development of those smart factories capable to benefit from the technological advantages resulting from the integration of machines, production processes and final products; this has the aim to create new business models and increase the productivity of the involved companies. ROBOZE constantly analyses the global market’s changes in order to meet the real needs of the final customers.

At Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt, ROBOZE portfolio will get wider with a new printer in the Production line, having a 350X300X300mm build plate: ARGO 350.

A controlled heated chamber, capable to reach 180°C in just over an hour, allows ARGO 350 to reduce the thermal shock of the material it is extruding and to cool it down more slowly in order to attenuate the mechanical stress and any residual tension, caused by the thermal treatment.

The HVP Extruder, designed to reach 450°C for the extrusion of composite materials and high temperature super polymers, in ARGO 350 presents a double gear system to better dissipate heat, reduce wear phenomena, get the feeding system stronger and optimize the pressure on the filament.

Like in the ARGO 500, here the Beltless System has a positioning precision of 10 micron and guarantees continuous movement repeatability. The ARGO 350’s build plate presents an automatic levelling system that, in addition to eliminate any external interventions, increases the repeatability of the parts even if they are produced in different cycles or time. Moreover, the introduction of the double extruder system permits to print more complex parts thanks to the use of a support soluble material, available on the Production systems.

This edition saw ROBOZE very active in terms of partnerships in the materials engineering field.

In fact, few weeks ago, the company announced the introduction of a new exclusive filament: it is SABIC EXTEM™AMHH811F Filament, thermoplastic polyimide, developed on the SABIC EXTEM™ resin. It is the most performing amorphous filament in the world and it is ideal for industrial sectors like Automotive and Motorsport, Aerospace and Aeronautics thanks to its excellent ignitions resistance and a great dimensional stability: some examples are the thermal and acoustic shields and enclosures for electronic components.

In addition to the mechanical and chemical resistance, EXTEM™AMHH811F Filament has a great flame resistance thanks to its 247°C TG. SABIC’s filament has gained the UL Blue Card with V0-075 certification on samples printed by ARGO with a thickness of 0,75 mm: this certification puts on the same regulatory level parts printed with FFF technology as the parts produced with traditional manufacturing like injection moulding.   

Furthermore, over the last few days, ROBOZE and SOLVAY – leading company in the sector of advanced materials and specialty chemicals – have signed a new agreement. This is focused on offering high quality levels in terms of materials and technology, aiming at accelerating the digitalization of manufacturing processes of global big players, giving the chance to replace metals, producing end-use parts, just-in-time and on demand, starting from materials like KetaSpire®  PEEK SOLVAY powered by ROBOZE and KetaSpire®  Carbon PEEK SOLVAY powered by ROBOZE, now exclusively available for ROBOZE ARGO solutions.

ROBOZE Production 3D printers will be set standard platform for the production of components using Solvay ultra-polymers, that are currently recognized all over the world as the highest level for the additive manufacturing of finished parts in high temperature and composite materials with FFF systems.

These innovations, provided by ROBOZE R&D team, include the recent introduction of the Heat Treatment Process, a system developed to manage the entire manufacturing process – from pre-printing procedures to post-processing finishing – on those systems that are not equipped with heated chamber like the Desktop series (Roboze One and Roboze One+400) and the Desktop/Production series (Roboze One Xtreme and Roboze One+400 Xtreme). This approach is definitely focused on the management of the entire manufacturing process of high temperature super polymers and composite materials, in order to guarantee great advantages in terms of processing time and costs for those companies using ROBOZE solutions. However, ROBOZE has in store even more news for Formnext, in fact declares that they are going to launch, very shortly, a new revolutionary solution in the materials engineering field, demonstrating its extreme innovation nature.

“We are proud of contributing to the continuous innovation in the 3D printing technology market, thanks to the hard work of our engineers’ team and our global partners in research and development activities”, states Alessio Lorusso, Roboze CEO & Founder. “Our presence at Formnext in Frankfurt will give us the chance to showcase our new 3D printing solutions to the global manufacturing market. The innovations we will showcase during this edition address the needs of all those entrepreneurial realities aiming at increasing their productivity thanks to high temperature super polymers and composite materials for the production of finished parts with the highest precision.”

Production optimization and competitive advantages for the final customers are the added values that ROBOZE will demonstrate during Formnext 2019, from 19th to 22nd of November, at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt.

ROBOZE team will be ready to print strong like metal at booth 12.1-C61.


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