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Foundation launches crowdfunding for 3D printed wooden beehives

The Lacrima Foundation has launched funding for a 3D-printed wooden beehive on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. According to the foundation, the so-called 3D Log Hive is intended to create a natural environment for bees and thus contribute to bee conservation.

The multi-layered hive is 3D printed from a special wood composite material that is biodegradable. It is designed to provide a sustainable habitat that supports bee reproduction and regeneration. 3D Log Hive are mounted on trees at the height of 3 to 5 meters.

The goal of the project, according to the foundation, is to restore bee habitat to help stabilize declining bee populations worldwide. Through crowdfunding, they now want to start serial production of the 3D Log Hive.

A total of over 10,000 pounds (over 12,000 euros) has already been raised on Kickstarter. The goal is stated at 35,000 pounds (about 40,100 euros). The campaign will run for another 37 days.

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