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Freemelt Expands Global Reach and Targets Market Leadership in E-PBF Technology

The Swedish company Freemelt made significant strides in 2023 to strengthen its position in the additive manufacturing market. By introducing a regional structure and appointing managers for North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Freemelt aims to intensify its commercial activities and unlock new business opportunities. Recent organisational enhancements in product management and software development are expected to lay the foundation for further growth.

Freemelt’s industrial main product, eMELT®, is central to the company’s efforts to advance the industrialisation of Electron Powder Bed Fusion (E-PBF). This technology is particularly utilised for applications in energy, defence, medTech and orthopaedic implants.
Freemelt’s goal is to be recognised as the market leader in E-PBF technology by 2030, enhancing customer productivity and reducing costs.

In an interview, Darin Everett, Regional President of Freemelt Americas, emphasised the importance of specially developed materials and the need for closer collaboration with research institutions. 

„Universities and advanced manufacturing centres have a pivotal role in the industrialisation of additive manufacturing technologies fostering partnerships with regional and national manufacturing industries to identify new applications to be manufactured through additive manufacturing, as an innovative manufacturing technology increasing the competitiveness of the U.S. industry,“ Everett explained.

The recent order from a prominent American university for the eMELT® system is a significant milestones in this journey.

Freemelt has also seen significant successes in the EMEA region. Viktor Valk, Regional President for EMEA, explained that the diverse customer segments in the region exhibit varying degrees of maturity in applying additive manufacturing technologies. 

„Our customer segments span from research to MedTech, energy, aerospace, orthopaedic implants, and defence, each with unique needs and opportunities,“ Valk noted. „Currently, we have the highest adoption of our technology with early adopters in research, with an installed base at prestigious universities. In the short term, our focus is to engage with industry stakeholders to identify key applications and understand the requirements to co-develop applications to enhance productivity.“

Particularly noteworthy is the order from Saab, reflecting the growing demand for Freemelt’s 3D printing solutions within the defence industry and the increasing investment in innovative local manufacturing solutions and local manufacturing capabilities due to the geopolitical situation.

Another prestige order during quarter 1 was from the UKAEA (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), a project to develop tungsten components for fusion energy plants. This collaboration demonstrates the potential of Freemelt’s technologies to meet the challenging demands of fusion energy, a promising solution for sustainable, fossil fuel-replacing energy sources.

Freemelt’s continuous development and market penetration in various regions and industries illustrate the broad application spectrum and growth potential of additive manufacturing. The company remains committed to creating value for its customers through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, with the ambition to become a leading productivity partner.

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