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Fuel3D Deploys New “Cat Bird” Algorithm to Advance Performance of its 3D Scanners

Fuel3D, developer of the popular SCANIFY 3D scanner, has launched the latest version of its scan data processing software, Fuel3D Studio 2.1.

The updated version was improved on its Z-axis precision and the ability to process scan data in the cloud. These key developments have been achieved in cooperation with enterprise partners and customers and have already been tested by beta testers.

The new “Cat Bird” algorithm improves Z-axis precision on scans. Scan data is now being processed with improved depth accuracy. The improved Z-axis cloud processing can also be applied to previous scan files without the need to re-scan the object. Users can simply open any file previously captured by SCANIFY and re-process via the new cloud option in Fuel3D Studio.

Cloud processing is currently still running in beta  and helps to remove the burden of 3D scan processing from the user’s PC or tablet by executing the new algorithm on Fuel3D’s servers. The cloud service can be accessed via a menu function in the Fuel3D Studio software. The service is free of charge and simply requires internet connection. The move into cloud processing also allows Fuel3D to distribute new software quickly.


“We are very excited by these new software and service developments, which not only provide immediate benefits to SCANIFY users, but are also hugely relevant to Fuel3D’s enterprise business,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “The benefits of cloud processing are key to the development of 3D scanning solutions, by allowing us to create new 3D algorithms and rapidly deploy enhancements via the cloud.”


Fuel3D also explains the origin of the new algorithm’s name: “Cat Bird is so called because of an interaction between Fuel3D’s CIO and a member of the development team. In the early days of developing the cloud solution, what was referred to as a ‘behemoth’ of development work was misheard as ‘bear moth’ and so Fuel3D’s algorithm-naming regime was born.”

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