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FullControl enables 3D printing without a slicer

The FullControl software promises users new possibilities for 3D printing. It does not generate the G-code, which controls the movements of the printer, from existing 3D models. Instead, users can freely determine the G-code.

Most designers use CAD software or other modeling programs to implement 3D print models. These files are then converted into Gcode by so-called slicer software. This code converts the 3D model into readable commands for 3D printers. With FullControl, all relevant parameters of the Gcode of a 3D print file can be managed, created and edited.

This gives the user more design options. The hurdles for beginners should be low thanks to an online editor and preconfigured examples. The software is open source and was developed at Loughborough University. The team has put a website online with the download of the program and some tutorials. Models that can be modified online are also available at fullcontrol.xyz.

The YouTube channel “Lost In Tech” has tested the software in a video and published the results.

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