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Fundación Prodintec to Join EOS e-Manufacturing Partner Initiative

EOS, world-leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems announced today that Spain-based Fundación Prodintec joined their e-Manufacturing partner initiative as of January 1, 2012. Complementing the existing network of partners both companies join forces to further increase the acceptance of the laser-sintering as a manufacturing process that offers solutions beyond prototyping, thus extending the reach to serial applications too.
Together with EOS, Prodintec offers an e-Manufacturing process from Product Design to Advanced Manufacturing Processes. Owning a number of EOS systems already – one FORMIGA, one EOSINT P 395 and two EOSINT M 280 (200 and 400 Watt) Prodintec has a substantial knowledge of the laser-sintering technology and as such can circle back to EOS valuable lessons learned which  consequently can ensure a continuous further improvement of the e-Manufacturing process. Prodintec, in return, sees EOS as their preferred supplier for laser-sintering systems and processes. Dr. Adrian Keppler, Executive Vice President Strategy und Business Development adds: “EOS and Prodintec believe that laser-sintering is currently challenging the principles of conventional design and manufacturing processes for a large variety of industry-specific applications. This partner network is a proof point for the innovative and game changing power of the technology and will help all parties involved to tap the full potential of e-Manufacturing.”
Iñigo Felgueroso, Managing Director of Prodintec adds: “We are not just sharing a vision with EOS but have build up successful business models around the technology, gained practical experiences from this and consequently can perfectly consult customers on how to reach maximum benefit from e-Manufacturing with laser-sintering. With a regional focus, though acting international, Prodintec aims to become a reference for the EOS technology when it comes to R&D in product development and manufacturing processes. Moreover, we are successful as a company when this technology helps particularly companies in Spain, Portugal and other countries to grow their businesses.”

About Prodintec

Founded in 2004, PRODINTEC is a non-profit technology centre based in the North of Spain. Main activities include R&D and innovation projects related to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Product Design and Product Engineering. PRODINTEC is specialised on supporting companies in the whole value chain for Additive Manufacturing, providing complete innovative solutions from 3D-scanning, to series production including the use of advanced software for Additive Manufacturing, quality control and post-processing. Those capabilities have made of PRODINTEC the leader in Spain in R&D projects and innovation services in Additive Manufacturing, performing more than 2.000 innovation services and 30 R&D projects in Additive Manufacturing in several sectors and applications, such as electronic equipment enclosures, medical implants, aerospace, automotive parts and conformal cooling moulds and micro-moulds. For more information visit www.prodintec.com.

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